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Lets Get Wet

Год производства: 2017 г.
Имена актрис: Antonia Sainz & Vanessa Decker
Сайт: VIPissy.com
Жанр: Brown Hair, Brunettes, Close-up, Czech, Degustation, Dildo, Lesbians, Pissing, Piss In Mouth, Pussy Wash, Shaved, Wet Hair, Wet Toy
Продолжительность: 00:31:53
Описание: Antonia Sainz is trying to concentrate when her girlfriend Vanessa Decker looks mischievous in the background. She is feeling really horny and will do anything to distract Antonia so she heads over to the table and pulls down her denim hotpants. Antonia welcomes this distraction and starts to lick Vanessa's pussy. The plan is set in action and Vanessa turns around, holding her pussy lips while spraying Antonia with her golden pee. She soaks her tank top and shorts before licking her and sucking her nipples through the sodden fabric. Antonia then pulls down her shorts and sits up on the glass table while Vanessa gives her pussy some oral attention. Antonia returns the compliment and fires a stream of her own golden pee onto Vanessa's ample cleavage. These gorgeous girls help each other out of their damp tops and Antonia lays down on the table while Vanessa climbs on top of her. They enjoy giving each other a 69 when Vanessa suddenly pees over Antonia again. Antonia however can do one better and fires her piss into the air and right into Vanessa's mouth! These gorgeous girls love watersports play with it making them hornier the wetter they get! They take turns sitting on the floor while getting showered in more of their pee and then decide to get some real toy play action on the go! Firstly, Vanessa gets her pussy filled with their little black toy before Antonia gets her try and they alternate, while pissing over each other until finally at the end, they playfully scoop up their pee from the glass table and throw it over each other!

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Дата публикации: 27-11-2017, 16:13 Раздел: Special Interest Movies » Мочеиспускание / Peeing Теги: Antonia Sainz, Vanessa Decker, Brown Hair, Brunettes, Close-up, Czech, Degustation, Dildo, Lesbians, Pissing, Piss In Mouth, Pussy Wash, Shaved, Wet Hair, Wet Toy Разместил: admin Просмотров: 718 Комментариев: 0

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